Salame Pepperoni Halal

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Matured, homemade, soft, fine-grained salami with pepper and spicy aroma.

INGREDIENTS: beef meat, salt, dextrose, vegetable fibres, beef proteins, spices, paprika, hot peppers 0,7%. Antioxidants: sodium ascorbate. Preservatives: sodium nitrite and potassium nitrate.

WEIGHT: 1.60kg

CHARACTERISTICS: lactose-free and other milk derivatives, gluten-free and non-GMO.

PACKAGING: vacuum-packed, in food plastic.

DEADLINE: 6 months.


Average nutritional values per 100gr:

Energy: 272 KCal/ 1136 KJ

Fats: 16,9gr of which saturated 7,94gr

Carbohydrates: 1.36gr of which sugars 0.21gr

Protein: 28,7gr

Salt: 3,51gr