Parmigiano Reggiano DOP Halal above 24 months

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Thanks to a maturation period of more than 24 months, its unique and inimitable taste is the return from a long journey through nine centuries of history, in a fertile countryside that goes from the Apennines to the Po, in farms and dairies where the passion for things done with care is preserved, in warehouses of maturation in which slowly matures the best that men can do to offer you an unmistakable part of nature.

WEIGHT: about 550 gr.

CHARACTERISTICS: Every 100 g of Parmigiano Reggiano PDO contains:

Protein: 33 gr
Fat: 28,4 gr
Water: 30,8 gr
Vitamin A: 270 µg
Vitamin B1: 34 µg
itamin B2: 370 µg
Vitamin B6: 110 µg
Vitamin B12: 4.2 µg
Vitamin PP: 55 µg
Calcium: 1160 mg
Phosphorus: 680 mg
Sodium: 650 mg
Potassium: 100 mg
Magnesium: 43 mg
Zinc: 4 mg
Sodium chloride:1,39gr
Choline: 40 mg
Biotin: 23 µg

PACKAGING: vacuum packed, in food grade plastic.

EXPIRY: 6 months.

STORAGE: at 4°C, once opened, store in the fridge and consume within a few days.

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