Halal Beef Rolled Pancetta

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Pancetta obtained from the anatomical part of the beef belly, is salted for a short period of time, then is immediately washed with running water, mixed with pepper and natural flavors, seasoned and smoked in a natural way.

WEIGHT: 550/650 gr

INGREDIENTS: halal certified beef, salt, pepper (sweet or spicy). Preservatives E 250, E 252, And 300, spices and natural flavors.

CHARACTERISTICS: free of lactose and other milk derivatives, gluten-free and non-GMO.

PACKAGING: vacuum packed, in food plastic.

EXPIRY DATE: 6 Months.

STORAGE: 0/4 ° C

Nutritional values per 100gr:
– Energy: 1626 kJ – 392 Kcal.
– Fats: 32gr of which saturated 15gr
– Carbohydrates: 0gr
– Protein 27gr
– Salt 3,7gr


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