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The Halal food becomes Smart
We Love What We Do
Smart Halal offers to the world’s Islamic community the Italian food excellence in full compliance with the highest Islamic religious standards and quality
Authentic Tradition

Smart Halal products are obtained using only raw materials and halal ingredients.

The products are processed only in production lines designed to prevent any risk of contamination with ingredients or substances haram.

A great opportunity created not only for the Muslim consumer, but for anyone who wants to enjoy exclusively healthy products.

Italian Tradition

Italy is famous in the world for the level of craftsmanship skills employed in every sector and for the high quality of the products offered.

The food sector is known for its niche productions characterized by the result of a skilful transformation of raw materials, in order to obtain an excellent result.


All the products included in our offers are Halal certified by accredited organizations recognized by the most important Islamic control bodies worldwide.
The Smart Halal brand guarantees the origin of foods, their healthiness and naturalness.

Every label has the halal certification mark on it.

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